Wellness Services

Four Seasons Wellness and Acupuncture offers a variety of services for the health and well being of each and every one of our clients. Our staff is very innovative with the latest techniques in acupuncture, both Chinese and Japanese style, Kampo and Chinese Medicine, aesthetic facial care and massage. We are committed to offering those we serve with the highest amount of care and respect.  At Four Seasons Wellness, we listen to what our clients are saying and address the needs of each individual.


Kampo is a Chinese-style Medicine developed and practiced in Japan. It has combined eastern and western forms of medicine. In Japan, Kampo is practiced by Physicians. Whereas in the United States, it is practiced by acupuncturists and other alternative healthcare professionals.

Kampo focuses on the study and use of herbs. Herbs are prescribed through the body’s response to palpating the abdomen, as well as, assessing the symptoms. Herbal formulas are designed to target and treat the individual’s overall conditions. The herbs come in a granulated form and are commonly drank as a tea.

 Essential Oils

In addition to acupuncture, Margie Wesley uses Chinese herbs and essential oils as part of the healing and wellness process. Essential oils have been used as an alternative medicine for thousands of years. Only gaining in popularity in the last 30 or so years to be used as aromatherapy, various oils can be taken internally without harm and used as a topical to address specific ailments.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs can substitute for and/or augment the effect of prescription medications, without the undue side effects and prohibitive costs. These formulas have been proven safe and effective for hundreds of years. Herbs can be used to increase absorption of vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Adding herbs will produce faster results than just improving diet and using physical medicine techniques like acupuncture, massage, or physical therapy. Herbs can treat people who cannot get regular acupuncture or who need daily therapy. Chronic illnesses respond well to these preparations.

Massage Therapy

Massage, as with acupuncture, has been used for thousands of years as a natural healing system. Starting in India around 3000 BC, it moved to China and Southeast Asia where it was used in combination with Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Eventually the practice navigated globally, adopting new methodologies as it moved. It is believed to enable natural healing by improving the body’s physical and natural balance. Massage is used as an holistic approach to pain management, heal injuries, reduce anxiety and depression, and prevent illness.  Commonly it is used in conjunction with other alternative, holistic, and integrative healthcare approaches.







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