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It’s important to us you feel better. Our goal at Four Seasons Wellness & Acupuncture is for you to reach physical and emotional balance. We treat you like our family. We commit to provide the utmost quality care because you are our priority. 

Dr. Wesley recognizes that acupuncture does not fit into a ‘one size fits all’ treatment. During the acupuncture treatment, Japanese style needles are used. They are smaller and are not as invasive as Chinese style needles. Likewise, using a Japanese style acupuncture is gentler. After a thorough assessment, your treatment plan is tailored to fit your individual needs.

Apart from other acupuncturists in the area, Kampo is offered as the primary method of traditional herbal medicine. Your Kampo assessment not only includes tongue and pulse to check for symptoms, but also palpating your abdomen. Kampo consultations, herbal medicine formulas and essential oils are offered as an alternative treatment to aid in the restoration of your body’s natural balance.

Your ALPHA-GAL, as well as other allergies you may have, can be treated holistically using the Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT) protocol. Using holistic testing to identify other allergen intolerance you are experiencing, Dr. Wesley uses proven methods to not only treat the symptoms, but desensitize your body to help clear the allergy.

Our spa-like wellness center offers you acupuncture, massage, Kampo, and aesthetician services. We also provide you the option of a low cost community clinic. Four Seasons Wellness & Acupuncture presents you with a wide variety of services. If you need pain management, we can help you become pain free naturally. If you have other health concerns, we can help you address those, as well.

Acupuncture, coupled with massage and alternative medicine, can help support your infertility treatments. It can also help you treat your allergies, calm your anxiety and depression, as well as, aid in your healing and promote wellbeing.

To each of our Health Care Professionals, you come first and are treated with respect and dignity.

Four Seasons Wellness and Acupuncture serves the Chattanooga, Tennessee and surrounding areas.

We are located behind Nutrition World off Lee Hwy on Vance Rd.

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