Acupuncture on the BackFour Seasons Acupuncture uses a blend of both Japanese style acupuncture and Chinese style acupuncture. Japanese style works on the principle that when the pulses are balanced then the body can heal itself. Chinese style acupuncture works on the principle of the flow of energy in the body, that when the energy gets blocked then there is pain and disease.

Japanese style acupuncture utilizes the use of six position pulse diagnosis and abdominal palpitation based on five element theory. Six position pulse diagnosis is the placement of six fingers, three on each wrist. Each finger represents a different organ system (lung, spleen, pericardium, heart, liver, and kidney). By taking the pulse you are able to determine which organ system is the most deficient. Abdominal palpitation is the use of a map on the abdomen which corresponds with the six different organ systems. These two palpations help to support the diagnosis. Japanese style is very gentle. It utilizes very shallow insertion. Japanese style works best for the root cause or the underline constitution of the person. It works very well for both hypertension and hypotension by balancing the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems. It is extremely effective for balancing emotional well being by calming the physical and emotional response.

Chinese style acupuncture is more aggressive. Needle insertion is deep and stimulation is aggressive. One of the theories of Chinese medicine is meridian theory. The sick meridian is determined by the location of the pain or the signs and symptoms. The corresponding meridians are then palpated for tender, deficient, or excess areas. This is where the energy is stagnant in the meridians, by needling these areas the stagnant energy flows freely relieving pain. This process works very well for headaches, neck, back and all types of pain. This is referred to as “chasing the pain”. Needling local points in conjunction with meridian theory or by themselves are also very effective.Four Seasons Acupuncture also uses cupping and electro stimulation. Cupping moves the stagnated blood out of the muscles. There is great success with the use of cupping on people with sever chronic pain due to auto accidents or old injuries. Athletes who have extremely tight muscles due to over training have found cupping to be an effective method for healing. Electro stimulation is an aggressive treatment that is used it for more complex problems..

Four Seasons Acupuncture combines both Japanese and Chinese styles together by doing a root treatment in Japanese style to balance their pulses and doing a branch treatment in Chinese style to treat the symptoms. Japanese style is more effective in addressing the underline constitution of the person and Chinese style is more effective in addressing the symptoms. An integration of the two methods provides the best possible treatment for the patient, allowing for a free flow of energy that is balanced so the patient’s body can heal itself.