Introducing Kampo

Kampo is a Chinese-style Medicine developed and practiced in Japan. It has combined eastern and western forms of medicine. In Japan, Kampo is practiced by Physicians. Whereas in the United States, it is practiced by acupuncturists and other alternative healthcare professionals.

Kampo focuses on the study and use of herbs. Herbs are prescribed through the body’s response to palpating the abdomen, as well as, assessing the symptoms. Herbal formulas are designed to target and treat the individual’s overall conditions. The herbs come in a granulated form and are commonly drank as a tea.

Margie has studied Kampo under Nigel Dawes and The Kampo Institute. Four Seasons Wellness and Acupuncture provides Kampo as part of their treatment plan. For more information about Kampo and if it can help you, feel free to call and someone will be happy to answer your questions.