Community Clinic

Four Seasons Wellness and Acupuncture offers a community clinic on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 1-5 PM. What that means is NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY. When you walk in, you will be taken to a community area and seated in a comfy recliner. Although it is a community setting, you should still feel comfortable and relaxed. The needles will be inserted and you will be left alone with low lighting and soft music to allow the full benefit of the acupuncture.

The community clinic is designed to treat more acute type symptoms opposed to chronic. For example migraines headaches, nasal congestion, and joint pain. More chronic or long term symptoms are best addressed in a private acupuncture session.

The points that are used tend to be more distal, meaning in the ear, scalp, below the knees, and below the elbows.

The rates for the clinic will be based on combined family income. On the first visit only there is an additional $10 surcharge for processing your paperwork. To keep our costs low, it is encouraged to pay with cash or checks only in the community clinic. The community clinic is suited for students, the elderly, and low income.

So, we will see you in the clinic or for a private session, you can call 423 883 5462 and ask for Margie!