Why Chinese Herbs?

Each formula is prescribed specifically for you according to your pattern of symptoms. For example, we carry at least 20 different herbal concoctions that can treat digestive complaints. Herbal formulas are available in pill and liquid form, ideal for our busy lifestyles.

Chinese herbs can substitute for and/or augment the effect of prescription medications, without the undue side effects and prohibitive costs. These formulas have been proven safe and effective for hundreds of years.

Herbs can be used to increase absorption of vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

Adding herbs will produce faster results than just improving diet and using physical medicine techniques like acupuncture, massage, or physical therapy.

Herbs can treat people who cannot get regular acupuncture or who need daily therapy.

Chronic illnesses respond well to these preparations.

Most of these preparations may be safely taken in conjunction with your current medications and supplements, and can accelerate your recovery. Please consult a certified Chinese herbalist for specific suggestions. Self-diagnosis and treatment could aggravate your symptoms, waste your money, lead to unwanted side effects, and can be unsafe.

We stock many classic Chinese herbal preparations in tablet form, and occasionally enhanced with familiar western herbs or enzymes. For patients with more complicated cases, we will construct a specially compounded formula of dehydrated or raw herbs that should be taken as a tea.

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