Addressing Health and Well Being Naturally!

Our goal at Four Seasons Wellness and Acupuncture is to have our clients reach a physical and emotional balance. We are committed to providing the utmost quality care and to make that, at Four Seasons, our priority. The clients of Four Seasons Wellness and Acupuncture are treated with respect and dignity. To each of our Health Care Professionals, you, the client, comes first.

The acupuncturist at Four Seasons Wellness and Acupuncture offers private sessions. We also provide the option of a low cost community clinic. Through our services, we want to help you become pain free naturally. Four Seasons Acupuncture presents a wide variety of services ranging from pain management and infertility to allergy treatment and depression. See our list of symptoms and conditions that acupuncture treats under the Acupuncture page. Herbal medicine formulas and essential oils are offered as an alternative treatment to aid in the restoration of the body’s natural balance. To find out more about herbal medicine and the essential oils go to the wellness page or read a recent post under the articles of interest.

The aesthetician uses all natural products to bring out your inner beauty and protect skin. With spa-like services such as facials, chemical peels, body wraps, waxing and more, our clients are educated on skin care and makeup application and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Find out more under the Wellness page.

The massage therapist at Four Seasons Wellness is a licensed massage therapist practicing Swedish/relaxation, Deep Tissue,Thai, Bamboo and Hot Stone, Pregnancy, and Trigger Point Therapy massage techniques. She assesses the massage need of the individual and designs a therapy specifically for them. The focus is to bring your body back to it’s balance point through massage and provide healing. Go to the Wellness page to find out more about the benefits of massage.

At Four Seasons Wellness and Acupuncture, our goal is to help our clients reach a balance in each and all areas of their health and well being. It is important that each session with our clients presents a teachable moment so that they can take with them the knowledge to maintain that balance.

Four Seasons Wellness and Acupuncture serves the Chattanooga, Tennessee and surrounding areas.

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We are located at: 6237 Vance Road Suite #4 Chattanooga Tennessee 37421

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